A catalogue of over 40 skincare products for the face and body, developed in Monaco.

Based on natural active ingredients and targeted solutions for all skin types, using rich and luxurious ingredients.

Anny Rey Monaco products

Oily Skin

Lait Tilleul

Lime Blossom Tonic Lotion

Lime Blossom Extract

A SMOOTH AND MILD MILK TO GENTLY REMOVE MAKE UP AND CLEANSE. This treatment contains an active ingredient with Moringa extract , known for its nutritive properties, which purifies the skin and protects it from environmental pollution. A soft and unctuous cleansing milk , enriched with lime blossom extract, for a fresher and softened skin.

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Lotion Tilleul

Lime Blossom Cleansing Milk

Lime Blossom Extra

A LIME INFUSION BASED LOTION FOR FRESH AND OXYGENATED SKIN This lotion cleans the skin gently and eliminates the last traces of make up remover while providing a pleasant sensation of freshness and cleanness. It is the perfect complement of Lime Blossom Cleansing Milk.

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Creme Collagene

Collagen Cream

Anti-wrinkle & firming

RESTRUCTURING CARE FOR FIRM, SMOOTH SKIN. This marine collagen enriched day cream is the daily solution for skin that’s losing its elasticity. With its density restored, the skin looks younger and fuller and the contours of the face are redefined.

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Princesse de jour

Brown Algae & Hyaluronic Acid


RESTRUCTURING CARE FOR FIRM, SMOOTH SKIN. This marine collagen enriched day cream is the daily solution for skin that’s losing its elasticity. With its density restored, the skin looks younger and fuller and the contours of the face are redefined.

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Princesse de nuit

Marine Complex – Hydration


A REVITALIZING NIGHT TREATMENT TO WAKE UP LOOKING BEAUTIFUL. An effective night cream to fight against dryness and strengthen the skin barrier. Its innovative multi active complex, derived from marine and plant (botanical) active based elements extracted, will act for a visible result from the first mornings. The face looks repulped, rested, and its complexion is fresher.

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API Masque Pro-Nutrition

Pro-Nutrition API Mask


Royal Jelly: a genuine concentrate of vital elements, it helps regenerate and revitalize the skin while preserving its elasticity by favoring cellular renewal. Thanks to the water clover extract it contains, this mask protects and firms up the epidermis. The skin is nourished, supple and soft, its comfort regained.

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API Creme Pro-Nutrition

Pro-Nutrition API Cream


With its smooth and creamy texture, this day treatment made from the most precious ingredients of the beehive, protects the skin against drying and provides the skin the essential nutrients for its repair and regeneration. Day after day, the skin regains softness, elasticity and vitality.

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API Balm Pro-Nutrition

Pro-Nutrition API Lip Balm


This treatment nourishes and protects (SPF 15 UVB), soothing and softening dry and damaged lips. Thanks to a formula enriched with cocoa butter and Vitamin E and a propolis core, your lips regain elasticity and comfort

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Combination & Oily Skin

Gel Nettoyant Purete

Purity Cleansing Gel

Aloe Vera Juice & Calendula Extract

This liquid soap gel is specially formulated for oily and acneic skin. Composed of plant extracts, it purifies the skin deeply, reduces the formation of pimples and blackheads and regularised the sebum.The skin returns clean, soft and smooth

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Serum Purifant Anti-Imprefection

Purity Cleansing Gel

Extract of Iris to define & smooth the skin

A MULTI PERFECTION SERUM FOR CLEAN SKIN AND A FLAWLESS COMPLEXION. The fruit of an association of effective active ingredients, this serum constitutes a genuine solution to the problems of combined to oily skin. Blemishes are reduced, pores are smaller and the skin is visibly cleaner. Day after day, skin texture is refined, the cutaneous microrelief is smoothed and the complexion regains radiance and mattness

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Creme Matifiante Anti-Imperfections

Anti-Imperfections Matifying Cream

Aloe Vera Juice & Calendula Extract

AN EFFECTIVE DAY TREATMENT FOR MATTIFIED SKIN AND REFINED SKIN TEXTURE. This treatment improves the overall appearance of combinaison to oily skin: it mattifies during the day, regulates sebum production, shrinks pores, combats blemishes, and nourishes the skin.

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Creme de Nuit Anti-Imperfections

Anti-imperfections Night Cream


AN EFFECTIVE NIGHT TREATMENT FOR SKIN THAT’S PURIFIED, REBALANCED AND HARMONIOUS FROM THE MOMENT YOU WAKE UP. This treatment has been especially developed for combined to oily skin. Its high performance formula acts at night so the skin’s overall appearance is improved from the time you wake up. Mattified skin displays reduced sheen

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Masque Purifiant

Purifying Mask


AN EFFECTIVE MASK FOR SKIN THAT’S PURIFIED DEEP DOWN. This mask was specifically formulated to respond to the needs of combined to oily skin. It disinfects the skin, eliminates impurities, shrinks pores, and reduces the appearance of blemishes. Skin texture is refined, the complexion is mattified, and the skin is visibly cleaner

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Creme de Nuit Anti-Imperfections

Anti-Imperfections Night Cream


AN EFFECTIVE NIGHT TREATMENT FOR SKIN THAT’S PURIFIED, REBALANCED AND HARMONIOUS FROM THE MOMENT YOU WAKE UP. This treatment has been especially developed for combined to oily skin. Its high performance formula acts at night so the skin’s overall appearance is improved from the time you wake up. Mattified skin displays reduced sheen

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Sensitive Skin

Eau Micellaire Demaquillante

Gentle Micellar Cleansing Water

Purifying & Revitalizing Complex

A MICELLAR WATER TO DELICATELY REMOVE FACE AND EYE MAKE UP. Micellar technology makes it possible to capture impurities and cleanse and remove make up perfectly without scrubbing or rinsing. Revitalized and purified, the skin is clean, soft and comfortable.

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Lotion Nettoyante Douceur Regard

Gentle Eyemake up Remover Lotion

Cornflower Water & Camomile Flower Extract

A LOTION FOR REMOVING EYE MAKEUP GENTLY. Alcohol free, oil free, and made with natural extracts, this lotion cleanses the eyelashes and eyelids without irritating the delicate eyes. Thanks to the azulene it contains, this lotion leaves eyes perfectly cleansed and relaxed.

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All types of skin

Gommage Lumiere

Radiant Scrub

Precious Microbeads & Extract of Grape

TO REVEAL THE SKIN’S BEAUTY AND GLOW. This golden and smooth textured peel is suitable for all skin types. It gently cleans the face and
eliminates dead cells . Thanks to an association of Corindon and cultured pearl particles, this treatment fosters epidermal renewal while illuminating the complexion. It restores the skin’s radiance, tone and elasticity.

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O2 Line

Silk extract & Precious botanical oils

Chamomile Flower Extract

99% natural, this beauty oil is a total skin treatment. Rich in macadamia and musk rose precious plant oils and virgin hazelnut, sunflower, apricot kernel, sesame organic oils and avocado, it nourishes and revitalises the skin, leaving it feeling soft and silky. Enriched with an anti age active ingredient : An extract of seaweed with firming and anti oxidising properties, this oil protects the skin from free radicals and preserves its elasticity and suppleness. Its silk extract makes it ultra soft, unique and satiny to touch. Its essential oils are a natural fragrance and allow the epidermis to be stimulated. This precious oil beautifies the skin in every season.

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Soin Liftfocus

Silky Soft Liftfocus

Hyaluronic acid

THE PERFECT 2 IN 1: WRINKLE FILLER AND BLEMISH CONCEALER. Creamy and silky, Liftfocus Care slides over the skin leaving an imperceptible and ultra smoothing “silk effect” film. It helps repulp the entire skin by eliminating small blemishes.

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BB Creme Secret de teint

Universal hue (SPF30)

AN ALLIANCE BETWEEN SKIN CARE AND MAKE UP FOR A FLAWLESS COMPLEXION. A light, creamy textured cream inspired by Asian beauty secrets, made for women who desire immediate beauty results. This lightweight BB Cream creates an instant, even toned, radiant look, the skin is revitalized and the face protected.

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Cure Anti Fatigue Jour/nuit

Day/Night Anti fatigue Treatment

Extracts of Silk Tree & Sea Buckthorn

A REVITALIZING TREATMENT FOR A GLOWING, REVIVED, AND WELL RESTED. This rich day /night cream restores cutaneous vitality and combats the signs of fatigue: drawn features, drab complexion, circles, puffiness. After completing this therapy, the face is fresh and rested, features are smooth and complexion is brightened . The product’s creamy texture brings comfort and well being.

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Baume Reparateur Regard

Eye Repair Balm

Lifting Effect & Reduces Puffiness

This restorative fluid works deeps down in the delicate area around the eyes. It offers a localized, decongesting and firming action that’s of particular interest. It also acts to reduce wrinkles around the eyes.

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Masque Defatigant Regard

Anti-Fatigue Eye Mask

Silk tree extract & Buckwheat wax

A UNIQUE MASK TO DECONGEST TIRED EYES. This treatment is especially formulated for the extremely delicate skin around the eyes . With its anti circle and anti wrinkle action, it cancels out the sign of fatigue and aging while leaving a pleasant sensation of comfort. The contours of the eyes are toned, and your face is illuminated.

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Soin Solaire Visage Anti-Rides

SPF 50 High Protection Anti-Wrinkle Sun Cream

Prickly Pear Extract

HIGH PERFORMANCE ANTI AGING SUN CARE. This SPF50 Facial Sun Care offers the skin optimal protection against the sun’s harmful effects. Its UVB and UVA filters preserve the epidermis from premature aging.

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Anti-Aging / Mature Skin

Creme Tensiale Pro Fermete

Pro Firming Lifting Cream


THE SECRET OF FIRMER SKIN. This day treatment enriched with peony extract remedies loss of structure and corrects cutaneous slackening, redensifies, restores volume, repulps, firms up, nourishes and protects. Day after day, your skin regains its suppleness, firmness and elasticity.

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Masque Remodelant Pro Fermete

Pro Firming Remodeling Mask


A CONCENTRATE OF ACTIVE INGREDIENTS TO RESTORE FACIAL VOLUME. This anti aging mask nourishes the skin intensely for a firming and remodeling effect. Its formula enriched with vegetable oils, hyaluronic acid and peony extract immediately stimulates even the most devitalized skin. Deeply nourished and replenished, the skin recovers its suppleness and elasticity.

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Serum Tensiale Cou & Decollete

Neck & Bust Lifting Serum

Oats & Organic Argan Oil

AN EXCEPTIONAL TENSOR FOR A SUBLIME DECOLLETE. This serum prevents tissue slackening of the neck and décolleté as well as the appearance of wrinkles, thanks to its immediate lifting effect. Enriched with argan oil and oat extract, it makes the skin firmer, more supple, more elastic, and more resistant to aging.

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Creme Anti-age Regenescence

Regenerating Anti-Aging Day Cream


STEM AND PLANT CELLS TO REGENERATE AND PROTECT THE EPIDERMIS. Because the skin renewal slows down with age, it’s necessary to preserve the skin so it continues to serve its purpose. This unique formula, a concentrate of anti aging ingredients, ensures epidermal renewal for skin that’s firmer, younger looking and better protected.

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Masque Creme De Nuit Regenescence

Regenerating Night Cream Mask

Oats & Organic Argan Oil

A TREATMENT THAT LETS YOUR SKIN BREATHE WHILE YOU SLEEP. This night cream mask gives you all the effectiveness of vegetable cells throughout the night, the moment when cell renewal is most intense. In the morning the skin is radiant, re-energised and firm with a harmonious complexion.

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Serum Anti-âge Regenescence

Regenerating Anti-Aging Serum


The Regenerative Anti-Aging Serum rekindles cell vitality thanks to the presence of cells originating in two rare plants: the Centella Asiastica , a genuine rejuvenator, and Centifolia Rose, an epidermal regenerator. Its unique formula, concentrated in anti age active ingredients, ensures the renewal of the epidermis for firmer, softer, longerlasting skin.

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Caviar Expert Soin Anti Ride Regard

Caviar Expert Anti wrinkle eye cream


A LUXURY CAVIAR TREATMENT FOR A FACE THAT SPARKLES WITH YOUTH. Finally , a complete treatment for the eye area. The synergy of 3 active marine ingredients makes it possible to reduce wrinkles and circles. Your face glows with youth.

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Caviar Expert Liftissime

Caviar Expert Re-lifter – Serum Pearls


A TOUCH OF CAVIAR FOR AN IMMEDIATE AND EFFECTIVE SOLUTION AGAINST WRINKLES. This exceptional serum will give new youth to skin marked by the passage of time with : An immediate anti wrinkle effect by filling in the wrinkles ; An immediate smoothing effect on the skin’s surface = homogeneous texture; A tensor effect on the network of collagen fibers for a firmer skin.

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Caviar Expert Soin Anti Ride Visage

Caviar Expert Anti wrinkle face cream


A LUXURY CAVIAR TREATMENT FOR YOUNGER SKIN. Deep wrinkles, devitalised skin, fatigue? Here’s a genuine elixir of youth that combines 3 exclusive anti aging ingredients. Your skin is illuminated , wrinkles are smoothed over, and skin texture is refined. For younger looking face.

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Body Care

For all skin types

Gel Douche Argance

Argance Shower Gel


NOURISHING SHOWER CARE FOR SOFT AND VELVETY SKIN. This organic argan oil based shower treatment cleanses the skin while providing comfort and softness. Its scent and silky texture make using this gel a moment of relaxation and pure pleasure.

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Gommage Corps Argance

Argance Body Scrub


AN EXQUISITE EXFOLIATING TREATMENT FOR SOFTER, SMOOTHER SKIN. This exfoliant composed of argan oil and walnut hull powder has multiple properties : it removes impurities from the skin and eliminates dead cells. It tones and revitalizes the epidermis. The skin breathes wellness, it’s regenerated and softened.

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Huile Voluptueuse Argance

Argance Voluptuous Oil


AN EXCEPTIONAL OIL FOR SKIN THAT RADIATES BEAUTY. This multi action dry body oil nourishes the skin and makes it soft and glossy. Thanks to a high performance formula composed of 5 plant oils and Vitamin E, it nourishes the skin intensely. Its enchanting scent envelops the skin with incredible gentleness. The skin is supple, smooth, and sublime.

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Bio-tilt (Liquid Soap)

Aloe vera Sage Eucalyptus essential oil


This Multi-purpose liquid soap combines effectiveness with purifiying properties thanks to its formula enriched with eucalyptus essential oil and organic aloe vera and sage extracts. Thanks to its neutral pH which respects epidermal integrity, it can be used daily. This is truly a family product that can be used by all.

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Thera baume

Lavandin, Allantoin & Chamomile


AN IDEAL BALM TO RESTORE AND SOFTEN YOUR SKIN. This treatment provides an effective and polyvalent action against problems in the epidermis and allows you to protect cutaneous integrity while softening the skin. Particularly suitable for damaged skin, the Omega 6 Ceramide contained in this balm contributes to increasing epidermal cell cohesion and reducing the stress to which the skin is exposed.

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Creme Mains & Ongles Karite

Hands and nails shea butter cream

Organic shea butter 20%, Cotton extract

NOURISH AND SOFTEN DRY AND DAMAGED HANDS. This cream provides genuine care for your hands. Enriched with organic shea (20%) and cotton extracts, it’s both protective and ultra nourishing. Light and not greasy, this cream provides softness and comfort to the most damaged hands. It nourishes them and protects them from daily sources of stress. Your hands regain their softness and are delicately scented.

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